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Case Studies

Below are some example case studies which help give an idea of some of the ways in which we can help. They are not definitive in identifying the ways in which we can help, so please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. Please click here to see ways in which you can contact us.

Rita Shaw is sitting in an elderly person’s home. She has been moved from a single room, which she liked, into a room which she has to share with another woman who is senile. She thinks the owners are in breach of their contract with her but she does not know how to make the owners keep to it. Her family is too far away from the home to help her.

George Howard has been advised to apply for Attendance Allowance, he has received the form ad finds it very daunting. He knows the benefit will be invaluable but needs help filling in the form.

Mary Joseph is a widow aged 72 living on her own. She is finding it extremely difficult to survive in her own home. She is not happy with some elements in the care plan being offered by Social Services but does not feel able to argue her own case effectively.

Miriam Wells suffers from Dementia. Her son who has Power of Attorney seems to be using some of her money for his own family. He says he is entitled to take his travelling expenses for visiting her out of the money. The matron of the home where she is living thinks that Mrs Wells needs somebody to keep an eye on her interests.

Who will help Mrs Joseph, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Wells and Mr Howard to assert their basic human rights?

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